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The ergonomic and safety function of a Work Matta™ 'Floor Above the Floor' can be enhanced with selected specialist additives introduced during the manufacturing process. These compounds are designed to counter a range of environmental factors that may impact on an ordinary safety surface installation, and therefore your business operation.

The standard range of Matta additives includes:

Antimicrobial agents

These additives actively inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and are recommended for Work Matta™ tile applications in food processing and ablution areas where water is prevalent and where maintaining high sanitary standards is important.

Antifreeze agents

These additives work to protect your Work Matta™ safety surface against exposure to low temperatures such as installations in industrial freezers, and other extreme environmental conditions.

Fire resistant agents

The fire resistant properties of standard Work Matta™ tiles can be increased for applications where a proactive fire safety protocol is required such as military installations and industrial foundries.

Colour options

We can manufacture non-standard colour tile batches, based on minimum order requirements.

The standard colour for all Work Matta™ tile types is black. Edge ramps are available in black or high-visibility safety yellow.
Carpet Top tiles are available in dark grey and light grey.

Please contact your local Work Matta™ representative to discuss any customised solutions you may need for your workplace.





Matta Products recognises that there are times when our standard range of safety surfacing may not meet certain individual requirements. We can create customised Work Matta™ flooring to address specific needs: whether using special additives to counter unique environmental factors; adapting our manufacturing processes to achieve particular ESD or technical outcomes; making tiles with specially calibrated ergonomic compression values; or creating special surface design or colour batches. The manufacture of non-standard Work Matta™ safety surfacing is based on minimum order requirements.


We also have available helpful accessories that may come in handy for the more advanced installations.

75mm ramp pin                   75 x 11 Ø
ramp hole caps                    11 Ø
Matta Grounding Plate         70 x 100
Matta Fix Glue 150ml           150 (5oz)
35 x Matta Fix Glue boxed    210 x 260 x 280
Oyster mesh underlay

Talk to your Matta Products representative about creating a customised solution for any specialised needs you may have.