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Matta Products is a leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of ergonomic safety surfacing systems for industrial and leisure markets worldwide. Our Work Matta™ and Play Matta™ products are high-quality, reliable and hard wearing with proven health and safety benefits. Our commitment to recycling means they are also an environmentally responsible choice.


Health and safety regulations worldwide, and an understanding of factors that influence workplace productivity, have meant that businesses are more proactive in adopting the use of products proven to significantly reduce the risk of personal injury and discomfort while at work. Matta Products has designed a robust, cost-effective product that disperses and cushions a person’s body weight, which reduces fatigue while protecting from sudden impact.


The Work Matta™ concept – 'A Floor Above the Floor' – is the result of extensive research and development to design a specialised safety surface system with scientifically proven ergonomic and health benefits. Work Matta™ flooring tiles incorporate a unique understructure of Compression Columns that act as springs when weight is applied to the tile surface. This action counters the negative effects of impact, or standing for prolonged periods, and significantly increases user comfort. As the Compression Columns are not subjected to surface wear, their ergonomic effectiveness remains consistant over time.

Matta Products has built an international reputation by manufacturing high value products of consistent quality and durability, with proven health and safety benefits, made from environmentally friendly recycled materials.


Matta Products is committed to ensuring Work Matta™ – and our other safety products – are environmentally sound choices. We understand the importance of long-term resource sustainability and are determined to promote and expand our significant recycling effort; the mission for Matta Products is to protect people and their property as well as the finite global resources we all share. All plastic feed stock used by Matta Products is 100% recycled – and our products can be recycled in their turn. We utilise waste and give it new life as a range of durable, high quality safety surfacing products that we are proud to put our name on.


Using recycled materials reduces waste, conserves energy and prevents the emission of greenhouse gases produced during the manufacture of virgin materials. Compare using recycled Work Matta™ with the impact of using products made from virgin materials:

It reuses non-renewable petroleum based products that otherwise would have ended up in landfill sites. It does not increase the carbon 'footprint' as does the manufacture of virgin product.
It prevents the release of CO² had the 'donor' products used for recycling been abandoned to disintegrate.

Finally, once a Work Matta™ tile has reached the end of its useful life, we can recycle it – re-using the material in a brand new mat – eliminating the need for any dumping at all*.

Work Matta™ can also qualify for points under Green Building rating schemes.

* As long as the mats have not been contaminated during use.